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The progress line in the location bar is too thin to be recognized as a progress bar


(Firefox :: Address Bar, defect)

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(Reporter: hsivonen, Assigned: shorlander)



(Keywords: polish)

Steps to reproduce:
 1) Install a nightly from around 2010-09-18
 2) Follow some links on the Web
 3) Paste some URL in the location bar and press enter.

Actual results:
A progress line appears under the location bar when a page is loading in the frontmost tab. However, it's not obvious that the line a progress indicator. First, I thought it was a theme bug (bottom padding or border gone wrong). Then I thought it was a bug showing an Awesomebar drop-down with no items in it so that the drop-down degenerated into a thick line. Only afterwards I realized it was a progress indicator. Once I realized what it was, it was still too thin to see at a glance what the state of progress was.

Expected results:
Expected the background of the location bar to function as the progress indicator as in Safari and Midori.
In addition, it's hard to actually follow the progress of the load because the line is so thin.
blocking2.0: --- → ?
Keywords: polish
I'd like to morph this into "polish the progress bar" and block on it.

Assigning to shorlander for final design guidance. Let's boat this bass.
Assignee: nobody → shorlander
blocking2.0: ? → betaN+
Also, with the Radiance theme on Ubuntu (a shipped-by-default color variant of the default Ambiance theme), the progress line uses two shades of gray for the filled and unfilled parts of the progress line, which doesn't make it at all obvious that the shades try to communicate something specific.
I'd love to see the progress bar take over the entire location bar, á la Safari (and the Fission firefox extension). I feel like the current thin progress line (on both the location bar and tabs) is really distracting and adds a lot of noise to the overall interface (just my opinion! :) ). A light grey flat progress bar in the background of the URL bar would be my vote. 

I'd also like to throw out the idea of using the full shade of background tabs to show their load progress. Essentially background tabs would start off faded back and fill in to full (or relatively full) opacity once loaded.

Here's a quick comp showing both ideas:

Any thoughts? (totally understand I could be way off base with these suggestions, but they make sense to me :) )
I think this is no longer relevant now that bug 602964 landed.
(In reply to comment #5)
> I think this is no longer relevant now that bug 602964 landed.

Yeah, we've been marking all the progress line bugs invalid.
Closed: 14 years ago
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