Hosts blocked in /etc/hosts cannot be visited after a reload



9 years ago
7 years ago


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9 years ago
Using a recent Camino 2.1a1pre nightly...


0) Visit (for example) in Camino to ensure you can reach it.
1) Add " [tab]" to your /etc/hosts file with your favourite text editor and save the changes.
2) Repeat step 0 and observe its failure.
3) Comment out the hosts file entry and save.
4) Repeat step 0.

ER: Success.

AR: Failure.

This works in Safari 5 and Firefox 3.6, but I'd be mildly shocked if this was really a problem in Camino code.
So, it didn't always fail for me, but I've been able to reproduce this.
I tested the url in comment 0 and in addition to a couple of domains on the local dev server.

In my tests, I loaded the url(s), closed the tab/window, edited the hosts file and closed it. Loaded the url(s) again.

Two observations: 
1. I have seen failures after step 1 in comment 0 - url not blocked when it should be blocked. Even a force reload sometimes failed.

2. I've seen the exact same failures with a fairly recent Namoroka build (fx 3.6 nightly).

Comment 2

7 years ago
I haven't seen one of these failures in a long time, although I also haven't taken anything *out* of my hosts file in a long time.

Not sure what might have changed, though.
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