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While paying for something using an external online payment checkout system (the kind that takes your credit card details, processes the payment and then refreshes back to the original website), I managed to be attempting to print the "payment approved" message produced by the credit card processor at exactly the point that it tried to refresh back to the original site.

The result was an alert box "Alert: The document cannot change while Printing or in Print Preview", as well as a partially rendered "Print" dialogue box on screen (at least after my first attempt to "Save as PDF").  The print dialogue could not be dismissed, none of Cancel, Print, Save As PDF did anything useful (Save As PDF prompted for a file, but never wrote the file).  And it was not possible to focus the main window with the associated semi-modal alert dialogue in order to dismiss that.  Nor was it possible to close the browser window, quit the browser, or otherwise escape from being unable to focus the (alert) dialogue which needed to be dismissed or dismiss the (print) dialogue which was preventing it from being focused.

Reproducible: Didn't try

Steps to Reproduce:
(Due to the fact that this involves credit card payments I haven't tried to reproduce this on the live site.)

Based on having seen Firefox behave like this previously (although this is the first time it has deadlocked with a dialogue, rather than just failing to follow the refresh), I think it should be reproducible by:

1.  Loading a page with a HTML Meta Refresh tag in it with 10-20 seconds on the delay
2.  Bringing up the print dialogue
3.  Waiting for the Refresh to hit and the dialogue to appear

It's possible this may need to be on Mac OS X in order to get the full modal deadlock, as the alert dialogues in Mozilla products on Mac OS X are rendered attached to the main window, and thus the main window has to be focused to focus the dialogue and dismiss it -- which is what I think is really inhibited by the print dialogue.
Actual Results:  
Print dialogue cannot be dismissed, nor will it print the page content.  Main window cannot be focused to acknowledge the alert box.  Unable to proceed with interaction with browser (eg, bring up error console, bring up page info, view source, etc).

Expected Results:  
Print dialogue should print the page content prior to the refresh.  Ideally the refresh would be delayed until the print dialogue was closed (cancel, print, etc) and then the refresh would be actioned.  Preferably there would be an notification to the user that this was happening, but it should be non-modal, and the best UI would be something like the "missing plugins prevent all content on this page from loading" or "firefox has suppressed a popup window" notifications.

I will attach a screen shot of deadlocked state once the bug is loaded.

Firefox 3.6.10 on Mac OS X (cannot view build number at present, as that is yet another thing which does not work in this deadlocked state).

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Created attachment 480723 [details]
Screen shot of deadlocked state

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8 years ago
Browser ID string from About Firefox (after Force-Quitting the browser and restarting)

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100914 Firefox/3.6.10

(I cannot find a specific build number, but it is the current downloadable release.)


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Is this bug 476541? Or possibly a variation of bug 615931?


8 years ago
Version: unspecified → 3.6 Branch

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(In reply to comment #3)
> Is this bug 476541? Or possibly a variation of bug 615931?

Reading those bugs, it looks like another way of triggering bug 615931 (in this case, Firefox is generating the alert, because the refresh failed; as noted previously I've seen the refresh fail before in similar situations -- and had to follow it manually -- but the browser modal dialog deadlock was new to me; presumably different timing).

I think bug 476541 describes the underlying issue which makes it a frustrating bug (viz modal deadlock, impossible to do anything on OS X bug force kill the browser, taking down all work in progress).  And agree with comment 67 on that bug (") that a fix for the symptoms (viz, a way to escape from the modal deadlock on OS X) would be very welcome, even if the underlying cause cannot be fixed.  Which probably means being able to focus/interact with an already visible Save or Print dialogs when a tab-attached modal dialog is up (thus finish with Save/Print then clear tab-attached dialog).



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Summary: Deadlock: meta refresh while printing causes unacknowledgable alert "The document cannot change while Printing" → Page redirect while printing causes unacknowledgable modal alert, deadlock situation [Mac]
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