Consider wrapping content scripts in a function so that they may return



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7 years ago
A few weeks ago cherenkov pinged me on IRC because he was trying to do this in a page mod content script:

  if (!someCriterion())
  // else, continue on with page mod...

Of course the return statement doesn't make sense, since content scripts aren't wrapped in a function when they're evaluated.  I pointed out that he could easily write his code with using return, but he said Greasemonkey scripts are allowed to return [1], kind of like a system.exit() or something, so on that basis I told him I'd file an RFE.

I don't necessarily agree that we should support this, but since Greasemonkey does (apparently, I don't know the details), maybe we should consider it.


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7 years ago
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> I pointed out that he could easily write his code with using return

The Add-on SDK is no longer a Mozilla Labs experiment and has become a big enough project to warrant its own Bugzilla product, so the "Add-on SDK" product has been created for it, and I am moving its bugs to that product.

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If you read current greasemonkey source code,
it doesn't seems to be true anymore:
The result of evalInSandbox is not used and content script is wrapped in an anonymous function without store its result.

I suggest a WONTFIX for this bug as postMessage allow send values to the addon script.
In triage conversation, folks agreed that this would be useful to support, although it isn't a high priority.
Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: --- → 1.0
Why not just write content script as self executable function ??

(function() {})();

And you have a return.

Also I think having return encourages bad design, so I'm pretty much opposite to this feature. Just saying.
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This hasn't been really touched for 7 months and no one really seems to want it, so I'm going to close this as WONTFIX.

Feel free to override me if you still want this. :)
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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