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When the window gets too small for the deck we need to show a horizontal scrollbar


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We have certain content that we cannot wrap or do anything better with now and when the window gets so small that that overflows we must add a global horizontal scrollbar. This is probably going to look like crap.
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This is about the best compromise I could come up with given the constraints. It makes the list headings start to be hidden when the window gets too small. We can't make the whole view scrollable since that would scroll the vertical scrollbar for the list out of view in a of of cases. All in all it is very usable except when getting to window sizes that are unreasonably small. Only downside is I couldn't get it to work and keep the global status messages wrapping and had to switch to scrolling.
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Have been playing around with this, and it seems like the best approach. Couple of things would make it less painful though (the first being far more important than the second):

* Add a tooltip to the warnings, so when they're cropped, you can still see the full message. Would also like the tooltip on the icon as well (see next point).

* When the window gets small enough (before the sorters go off-screen), the warning text should just collaspe (ie, stop being visible). This makes it so the sorters are still usable, and removes the massively-cropped text you can't read anyway. With the tooltip on the icon (which would still be visible), the message isn't completely lost - and the "Enable" button would still show, and that already has its own tooltip. The icon might need some glow-effect or something to make it stand out more in this case. I can make the icon stand out more (or, all of this point) in bug 601022, if you want.

Something like this works:

@media all and (max-width: 550px) {,, {
    display: none;
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Updated, though I found that 550px was rather too small so I upped it to 700.
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patch rev 2

Sorry for the delay - I kinda forgot about this... multiple times :(

(In reply to comment #4)
> Updated, though I found that 550px was rather too small so I upped it to 700.

Oh, I had tried 550px with bug 601022 applied (the category names collapse at 800px) - without that, 550px would indeed be too small. I'll play around with that threshold in 601022, and see what feels good with all those other changes.
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Not sure if this is worth a Litmus test or not.
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> Not sure if this is worth a Litmus test or not.

With the changes on bug 601022 we now support really small window sizes, which are rarely used. So I would tend to say, no we don't need a Litmus test for it.

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