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Add a way to check for updates from about:firefox


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This patch will check for updates and, if found, should start the update process - by showing a notification. Once started the normal 'mobile' process for updating used.

I need to test this patch a bit before asking for review
Assignee: nobody → mark.finkle
tracking-fennec: --- → 2.0b2+
I like this very much!

We still need some immediate feedback that pressing the button has done something, as presumably checking for updates takes a moment, so the notification won't come up immediately.  Also for the case where there are no updates available.

Is this located somewhere on the page near where we say what version you currently have?  You know - I should just have a look.
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Attached patch patchSplinter Review
Same basic patch. Adds messages to let user know something is happening.

This patch does not provide a full update/download experience. We should be letting the update notification system handle it.
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Shows the button location. Status messages occur in the same spot as the button. The patch will hide the button when we start checking for updates, replacing it with a "Checking for updates..." message.

After the check is finished, the message changes to "No updates found" or "Update available" (as appropriate)  - shows for 2 seconds, then reverts back to the button.

If an update is available, the update system should kick in and the status bar should tell the user an update is available.
Without having seen it, this sounds right to me.
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>+++ b/chrome/content/about.xhtml

>+      let Ci = Components.interfaces, Cc = Components.classes, Cu = Components.utils, Cr = Components.results;

>+      Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/XPCOMUtils.jsm");
>+      Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/Services.jsm");


>+        startDownload: function() {
>+          if (!this.update)
>+            this.update =;
>+          //this.update.QueryInterface(Ci.nsIWritablePropertyBag);
>+          //this.update.setProperty("foregroundDownload", "true");
>+          this.aus.pauseDownload();
>+          let state = this.aus.downloadUpdate(this.update, false);
>+          if (state == "failed")
>+            return;
>+          //this.aus.addDownloadListener(this);
>+        }
>+      };

Remove commented-out code.

>+        onCheckComplete: function(aRequest, aUpdates, aUpdateCount) {
>+          Updater.isChecking = false;
>+          showUpdateMessage(aUpdates.length > 0);
>+          Updater.update = Updater.aus.selectUpdate(aUpdates, aUpdates.length);
>+          if (!Updater.update)
>+            return;
>+          if (!Updater.aus.canApplyUpdates)
>+            return;

If the Updater.update or canApplyUpdates checks fail, shouldn't we show an error message? (Or at least treat it as "no updates found" like we do with other errors now?)

>+++ b/locales/en-US/chrome/about.dtd

>+<!ENTITY aboutPage.checkForUpdates.checking     "Looking for updatesâ¦">

Bugzilla has some issues with the UTF-8 character here.  If we think this might cause problems elsewhere (like in l10n software), we could escape it as "&#x2026;".
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pushed with fixes to above comments:
Closed: 13 years ago
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