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Hi, I'd like to get SVN commit access.  I'm the committer for the breton (br) translation team.  I have a Mercurial account from bug 591616.
 My LDAP account is:
 I need write access to the following locations:

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8 years ago
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My SSH public key
Assignee: server-ops → jlazaro
Ever confirmed: true
I am vouching for Michel, he should be added to the @localizers group (Michel, being in that group will give you access to all web sites you could localize).
Added to @localizers, svn bit enabled.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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8 years ago
Does that mean that I should be able to do a commit?
I have tried several times but it doesn't work.

My SSH connection seems to be OK because I can connect to the server:

michel@ubuntu:~$ ssh
( success ( 2 2 ( ) ( edit-pipeline svndiff1 absent-entries commit-revprops depth log-revprops partial-replay ) ) )

I can also do a checkout:

michel@ubuntu:~$ svn --username checkout svn+ssh://
A    br/firefox
A    br/firefox/4beta
A    br/firefox/4beta/firstrun
A    br/firefox/4beta/firstrun/index.html
A    br/includes
A    br/includes/l10n
A    br/includes/l10n/main.lang
A    br/includes/l10n/videos
A    br/includes/l10n/sub-fx4-firstrun-beta.html
Checked out revision 75589.

But I can't commit:

michel@ubuntu:~/br$ svn --username commit
Sending        firefox/4beta/firstrun/index.html
Sending        includes/l10n/main.lang
Sending        includes/l10n/sub-fx4-firstrun-beta.html
Transmitting file data ...svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Access denied
svn: Your commit message was left in a temporary file:
svn:    '/home/michel/br/svn-commit.tmp'

I have also tried with HTTPS but it don't work either
Hi Michel, for svn we use https with your ldap account for identification, not svn+ssh. If you have checked the repository with the svn+ssh:// protocol or the http:// protocol, you should do a svn switch to https:// or just check out a new copy using https.

If you can, connect to IRC ( on the #frenchmoz or #l10n channel and we can see all that together ;)
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