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Add Bing to the default en-GB search plugins; remove and CC


(Mozilla Localizations :: en-GB / English (United Kingdom), defect)

Not set


(blocking2.0 beta7+)

Tracking Status
blocking2.0 --- beta7+


(Reporter: kev, Assigned: moz_en-gb)



(Keywords: productization, Whiteboard: [l10n-src-verification updated])


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Add the Bing search plugin to the default list of providers in the search bar.
The plugin will be placed in the third position of the Search Bar drop down
after Google and Yahoo!. Remove and Creative Commons search plugins
from the default set included in en-GB.

The expected search bar query for builds that incorporate official branding
generated by this plugin is:{searchTerms}&form=MOZSBR&pc=MOZI

The expected search bar query for builds that do not incorporate official
branding generated by this plugin is:{searchTerms}&form=MOZSBR
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blocking2.0: --- → ?
blocking2.0: ? → beta7+
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Add Bing to search bar in 3rd position, remove Answers and CC from defaults

>diff -r 780882cf094d browser/chrome/browser-region/

There's a comma here ("search,order"), should be a dot.
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The comma was there to give me time to reflect on how awesome I am with this stuff.

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Updated patch to address comment #1

:) Looks good now, thanks! r=me

Obviously, this can only land only after bug 603298 lands.
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Then this can go on mozilla-central default and the b7 relbranch
... to remove confusion, this wants to go on l10n-central/en-GB, default. No relbranch over there.
Oh, right, do eeeet. :)
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Cool, thanks, Mark.

Mind sending a sign-off our way? Don't mind the missing strings, those won't block.
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