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(Reporter: Eve Murto, Assigned: abuchanan)




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8 years ago
Thanks for your help with some HTML edits for the Mainstream User Newsletter in Responsys. 

Folder name:  2010_Mainstream News
File name:  2010_10 mozilla and you newsletter.htm

Here is what we still need for this newsletter: 

1) Matching web page URL - finalize the Responsys programming for the 'view this in your browser' link.   I sent a note to Jeff Blocker to clarify the exact link we need to use. 

2) In the "Firefox Tales" section: 
We've invited people to tell us their story, so we expect some inbound emails. 
Please add the link in which will launch an email inbound to us. 
Email address to put into the address line: 

3) Universal Subtitles Box (in right sidebar) : 
Please replace t shirt graphic with the round circle Universal Subtitles graphic.  I can attach it.  
To upload it into Responsys: 
     a) change the name of the graphic in the HTML 
     b) then click on the HTML document, and select 'upload images" , and you will see the page which prompts you to upload that particular image (see near the bottom) 
Is that connected to the corner? 

4) Firefox Tales: 

Please move the text just a little to the right of the box (leave a little breathing room, right now all the text is too close up against the box) 

5) Go Mobile box (in right sidebar); 

Please move that down to be the last box on the right.  Now it is extending off to the right, which is incorrect. 

6) Import graphic for Firefox 4 Beta from Rhonda's design web site here. I've just asked her to place it on our site for pickup: 

Rhonda's graphics here:

thank you!  -Eve

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8 years ago
Clarification on two items above: 

2) Please pre-address the email to 

6) Import graphic for Firefox 4 Beta - this will replace the current graphic (big round silver circle) in the main story. 

One more: 

7) Import the small graphic for mobile device on cloud from Rhonda's site, I've asked her to drop it there for us (smaller than the one currently in the newsletter) . Please remove the mobile device image currently there. 

thank you! -Eve

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8 years ago
Created attachment 482353 [details]
Universal Subtitles graphic circle

Please help us make this smaller and upload to the "Universal Subtitles Project" box (third box) on the right sidebar of Mainstream News (Oct). Thank you! -Eve


8 years ago
Assignee: nobody → abuchanan

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8 years ago
I did the text and email address changes, but I ran into some issues with the images.

This image,

needs to have the same upper-right rounded corner and border as this one,

This image needs a color, border, and corner similar to those,

Comment 4

8 years ago
Thanks, Alex.  I'll ask Rhonda for some help with the graphics today ...keep you posted.

Comment 5

8 years ago
I believe this is done, and has been delivered to end users.  Reopen if I'm wrong and there is more work to do
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