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Need do a GUI solution to disable java script exception


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Dear Developers,

I some days ago fight a webpage, the link is
I using Orca Screen Reader with my Lucid system. If the Java Script enabled (checked the enable java script check box under preferences>content page), Orca always read automaticaly various comments part and the page is full unusable with Screen Reader.
If I disable Java Script entire, this problem is solved, but some webpages with require to use Java Scripts is unusable.
In preferences>content page have possibility to disable pop up windows but possible enable exceptions.
Not possible to do exception possibility to enable default the Java Scripts but possible define exceptions with a page not need running Java scripts?
For example, not matter default enabled Java Scripts, but if have possibility to define exception with webpage with disabling entire Java Script running entire only this page, this is good for me.

If possible, need a gui control to handle this new situation.


Reproducible: Always
Version: unspecified → Trunk
You might try to use the NoScript add-on.
Noscript addon is temporary good, but I would like default enabled Java Scripts with all pages, and only would like define an exception with webpage and future webpages with need disabling all Java scripts with works wrong the Screen Reader if the scripts is enabled.
Longer time period not possible do a gui preference with known this inside with Firefox preferences, similar with following preferences the content page:
loading images automaticaly check box and exceptions... button
Have this possibility with popup windows, load images already.
Look under preferences window/content page. I hope right translated the hungarian translated check box and button label.
This new feature is resulting big development work?

That what NoScript is used for. There are no plans to incorporate it in the main browser, as far as I know.
Severity: normal → S3
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