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Suggesting for increasing FF security and speed


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I have a suggestion for increasing FF security and speed.

i Think Mozilla should develop it own NoScript but have more features 


1.stop and alert users if page have dangerous JS script 

how to stay updated with latest JS virus ?
easy antivirus companies will contribute?
What they win ?

free advertising ...
"XXXX.XXXX javascript Virus Reported from XXX antivirus company"
some info about virus and LOGO antivirus Company 

how to stop bad JS ? MD5 etc
2.JS file name

Speed up page load 

most of site use public scripts joomla, WP etc etc .
And they use mootools,jquery,dojo.

MooTools Core 1.3 with compatibility Size:84 kb

every time user open Joomla site download 84KB

think if this addons have this known JS frameworks no need to download 84KB.

standard include

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 

suggestion include

<script type="text/javascript" name="google-analytics" md5="00000MD5 CODE0000" src=""></script>

sorry if I have made any mistake  english not my mother language and i dont know HTML 

Reproducible: Always
dveditz may know if there are similar suggestions on file.
No need for this to be security-private.
Group: core-security
Severity: normal → S3
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