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Awesomebar occasionally doesn't provide any suggestions


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Occasionally, I'll open a new tab, type a letter (to get to some bookmark), and be greeted with zero awesomebar suggestions.  Pressing <down> doesn't give me suggestions.  Closing and re-opening the new tab doesn't fix things either.

The CPU isn't spinning while the awesomebar isn't listing suggestions.

But if I go off and do something else in the browser and come back a few minutes later, the awesomebar starts working again.

Sorry for the vague STR.  This has been happening to me for at least a few weeks.
sdwilsh, do you have any idea how to collect more data on this when I see it happen?
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> sdwilsh, do you have any idea how to collect more data on this when I see it
> happen?
You could maybe add some logging in the autocomplete code for places (nsPlacesAutoComplete.js), but nothing really comes to mind.
I think I've seen this behavior too.
Notice currently async execution errors are not reported in the console due to bug 600469 (fixed today).
I'm setting All All since I've seen it on Win7
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
This is happening to me relatively often (once every few days?), and when it does happen, I don't see anything in the error console.
it's possibile this is a thread locking problem of some sort and bug 582703 could have solved this on the branch since there locationbar reader statements can't lock on anything.
Has the bug landed on m-c already?
I observe the behavior quite often actually.
Maybe it is related to bug 507269 which may be the bug I observe.
This does appear to be related to bug 507269, at least there has been a complete correlation between the two for me in the last few days (using Minefield on Ubuntu). The bugs are triggered for me when the screen-saver kicks in and Firefox has focus (but not when Firefox does not have focus), and switching to another virtual desktop and back fixes the problem.
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> Could this be related to bug 629706?
I think it is different.
I think bug 640174 is a duplicate of this.
And I think this is a dupe of bug 631518, which is fixed in a new version of compiz.  Can someone test the new compiz and see if this is fixed?
It looks like bug 631518 and its fix applies only to Linux.  I'm experiencing this on Windows 7, like Marco (Comment 4).
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