Connection-Request sometimes take very long on Mobile Devices



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7 years ago
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7 years ago
The user is offline and want to load a website. Currently it can take up to 2-5 minutes until she sees a connection dialog.

The issue is that we at first create a socket and try to load data. Only if we fail in loading, we are requesting a connection. 
But in fact, this takes sometimes very long - regarding to slow DNS Lookups (timeout of 1 minute), Proxys and so on this can take very long.
The idea is, that we - at firs which are slow of a lot of different nameservers, routes and interfaces to try. 

The solution might be that at first, when we create a socket (onSocketEvent) in nsSocketTransport2 - we check if we are online, if so - we are just keep doing what we already did and react on Error. But if we are offline we are just requesting the connection - without try'n'error first.
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7 years ago
not blocking.  love to see a patch to address this, but not blocking fennec 2.0.
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