Preferences window initial geometry too small for non-Latin-1 fonts




18 years ago
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(Reporter: Adrian Havill, Assigned: Eric Vaughan)



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18 years ago
On Japanese systems, the font that is used by Mozilla is larger than on English
systems (e.g. Red Hat Linux 7 vs Red Hat Linux 7J). When you go to Edit...
Preferences... the user needs to manually increase the size of the dialog window
to see some of the options.

In other windows, the initial window size for the Preferences dialog seems to be
calculated for a Western font.

Manually stretching the dialog window (should your window manager allow it)
allows you to see all the controls, though.

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18 years ago
Created attachment 19405 [details]
Shows pref window with default geometry on system with Japanese fonts
adding ben
...and erik

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18 years ago
->evaughan to see if box is sizing things as its told
Assignee: trudelle → evaughan

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18 years ago
Marking NEW. Its related to the other prefences window bugs but not the same.
Ever confirmed: true

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18 years ago
this bug has a patch which needs to be reviewed. adding keywords.
Keywords: patch, review

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18 years ago
Actually, that's a screenshot, not a patch. Removing 'patch, review'
Keywords: patch, review

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18 years ago
Similar problem for all fonts. PC, Windows95/98, build 2001021508.
To reproduce: In Windows open Desktop Properties - tab
Appearance, change for item Message Box the Font Size (say double it, from 8 to
15 for MS sans serif), Apply change.  

Return to Mozilla and open Edit/preferences - the window is badly sized.
With sufficiently large font several options could be hidden below the bottom
border. (Similar to existing posted attachement, depending on the size of the font.)

Expected: Properly sized window or appearance of scrollbars.

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18 years ago
resolving as wontfix, would have to measure all panels, which would take far too
long.  dialog is resizable, could even have scrollbars in worst case.
Last Resolved: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

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18 years ago
How about automatically growing the dialog when the user switches to a larger

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18 years ago
We (jrgm/evaughan) actually discussed that briefly as an option, but it seemed
it would be an odd user experience. (I realize that some gtk apps do this, but
I personally have found it odd). I suppose, though, that ben might have some
comments, owning the UI as he does. Ben?

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18 years ago
Perhaps it would seem a little odd to some people if the dialog grew when the
user selected a larger panel, but I find scrollbars in a dialog to be worse.
The dialog wouldn't have to shrink when the new panel was smaller. That way,
the dialog would eventually reach a stable size (largest size) and stay that
No, No, No.

No jumping dialogs, no forced resize, no scrollbars.

The solution here is to redesign the UI so it fits. The preferences dialog in 
seamonkey currently is a joke. Compare to 4.x which is much smaller.


10 years ago
Component: XP Toolkit/Widgets: XUL → XUL
QA Contact: jrgmorrison → xptoolkit.widgets
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