javascript lightbox / popdown from header to gently remind GS folks to fill in troubleshooting information


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(I am filing this feature request bug here on the recommendation of :standard8 since there's no other place that he and i can think of to file GS customization feature requests)

When filing a  new topic, Get Satisfaction Users forget to fill in essential trouble shooting information and in fact do NOT read our README and any of our other support collateral

write a custom web application "new topic wizard" that uses the Get Satisfaction API to create new topics and forces folks to enter troubleshooting information. A very crude draft spec can be found here:

INTERIM SOLUTION for this feature request bug:
Javascript popdown/lightbox that is triggered at via our GS "Head Tag" and "Header HTML" customization at:
via this URL (and not triggered at other URLs):
with text like:
"STOP! A gentle reminder, please fill in your TB version, Operating System,
email provider, etc.. It's tedious but it helps the community support you faster"

Finally, I have asked the Get Satisfaction folks if there are any technical limitations and they replied that there aren't any:
Severity: normal → enhancement
Assignee: nobody → sancus
This is pretty straightforward since they have jQuery included on this page already, so it's really just a matter of designing the popup and then just .show()ing it.

Would be nice to keep the popup looking consistent with their login popup.
Please use this text:
Before submitting your Get Satisfaction topic:
In order to provide the best possible comments or advice and to save
time, please make sure  your topic includes:
<b>your OS (Windows XP? Windows 7? Mac OS X Snow Leopard?, Ubuntu?), Thunderbird version, what
version of Firewall and Anti-virus if any,
what you did, what you expected, what happened,  exact error messages
and any other relevant details in the <a
mentioned below</b>

...Thunderbird Support Community
after experimentation in hawaii decided that just a text only passive "do-nothing" popup is too obnoxious. Therefore, we are going to prototype a popup that allows you to click on OS, TB version, Anti-virus, mail provider and add it the content of the support topic

Comment 4

7 years ago
Yes, a funnel to improve quality would be VERY positive. recent examples of sub-par topics that would be helped are:

Adding to comment 2...

The topic title should be a statement of the problem, not some vague description, a cute play on words, nor a mere expression of dissatisfaction [1]. Those types of topic titles tend to get ignored by volunteers, and I am one of them for two reasons: 
1. there's at least a 50-50 chance I'm not going to have an interest in the subject material once I see it, and reading topics that don't interest me is  time wasted where I could have helped in another topic
2. these posting tend to have a higher percentage of low quality detail compared to those topics which have a useful topic summary. So steering the poster's thought process in a useful direction should help build quality in other areas of the posting

There are also many non-english postings - which are perhaps fodder for another bug?


[1] 5% of posts have poor topic titles, via spot checking the first 100 of - these include
I don't remember if we fixed this or not, but don't need this bug anymore!
Assignee: sancus → nobody
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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