"check for updates" and "find updates" should read "Update Add-ons Now" and "Update Now" respectively




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8 years ago
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8 years ago
manually checking for updates, does more than just checking. if an update is found it will be installed without asking for confirmation. to be consistent with this action, as well as with the other strings such as "updating add-ons" or "update add-ons automatically", i suggest changing "check for updates" to "Update Add-ons Now", changing the context menu "find update" to "Update Now", or something in this line.


8 years ago
Summary: "check for updates" and "find update" should read "Update Add-ons Now" and "Update Now" respectively → "check for updates" and "find updates" should read "Update Add-ons Now" and "Update Now" respectively
Not sure if we want to change the wording depending on the "Updates Add-ons automatically" option. Dave, Boriss, what do you think?
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7 years ago
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6 years ago
You should definitely change the buttons if you won't change the behavior. I find it very non-intuitive that with auto-updates off and 'ask what to do" checked in preferences, doing a check for updates manually actually downloads the update.

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5 years ago
It's not just non-intuitive, it's just evil...
Being on a 3G connection regularly with a data limit I expect a "check for updates" button to do just that, check for updates. Not checking, downloading and auto installing the updates...

Any progress to this? It should be a trivial thing to change if there's a consensus about what to change.
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