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7 years ago
We need to update our OPSI versions so they can make it work for the Windows 64-bit slaves.

The outline of this work should be similar to this:
- Update the opsi server processes (assuming this is the typical
opsi debian platform, this means backing up, shutting opsi down,
doing an apt-get update, then bringing opsi back up)

- Update all of the core OPSI products from the OPSI guys, run a
quick package install on them all to update the local repo

- At this point the clients that are running an older preloginloader
should work fine in a backward-compatible state.. So upgrading them
is a choice that can be made or deferred. But yes, updating them is
a matter of selecting the nodes and in the product listing mark
preloginloader to update.

The plan should something similar to this:
- [IT] clone staging-opsi so we can test in that machine first 
NOTE: If we end up having cshields to work on this it would make sense to thave these the OPSI master and a slave outside of the Build-VPN
     - [IT] pull out a win2k3 machine out of the Build-VPN
     - [IT] pull out a win64 machine out of the Build-VPN
- [releng] test update process on new cloned machine
  - update OPSI on cloned machine
  - test that Win64 works with this version of OPSI
  - test that win2k3 slave works with this version of OPSI
- [releng] repeat tested update process on staging-opsi
- [releng] repeat update process on production-opsi

I believe the versions we are going to try are:


7 years ago
OS: Mac OS X → Linux
I tried preloginloader 3.4-69 on win64-ix-ref and it didn't work. Did you have different results?

Comment 2

7 years ago
I never did try it. These were suggested on the forums.

We will have to figure out what the right versions are supposed to be. Specially for the master.
Ok...good luck!
I doubt we'll invest time into upgrading OPSI.
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4 years ago
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