[XML-RPC] need means to get environment hash

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http://landfill.mozilla.org/testopia/docs/en/html/api/extensions/Testopia/lib/WebService/Environment.html describes a means to insert a fully defined environment including the hash describing the elements/properties, i.e. create_full.  

but get only returns the product (hash), environment name, and id.  it does not appear to be possible to get the actual environment hash -- i.e. a get_full which would recurse down the testopia_environment_* tables and return the appropriate hash.  

I need this capability in order to incorporate environment tracking into our automation infrastructure, and am willing to help implement this, but will require some (heavy) guidance.  

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Version: unspecified → 2.4

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something like a patch to add get_full()

attached patch adds a get_full() method to WebService::Environment.pm, which is a cut-paste-butcher of get(). 
it's pretty simple(minded) -- it resolves the actual selected property values by calling get_value_selected, building a hash which it then substitutes in for the properties element before returning it.

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7 years ago
Created attachment 559206 [details] [diff] [review]
Extended API to get additional Environment information, such as categories and elements

I have added two methods into the api.
get_categories(environment_id) returns the category information
get_elements(environment_id) returns the element information, including Properties and Property values.  It also contains the env_category_id, so you can join with the categories from get_categories if needed.
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