Provide one method that always works for closing windows when not making any changes




8 years ago
8 years ago


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When finished with various windows in Firefox I find myself hunting between ctrl+w and escape to close the window when I'm done. It would be a good thing if there were one method that just worked to dismiss a window when not making changes.

Couple of quick examples:
Tools -> Options: ctrl+w and escape
Options -> Content -> Block pop-up windows -> Exceptions: ctrl+w
Options -> Content -> Load images automatically -> Exceptions: ctrl+w
Options -> Content -> Enable JavaScript -> Advanced: escape
Options -> Content -> Default font -> Advanced: escape
Options -> Security -> Remembered passwords -> Exceptions: ctrl+w and escape
Options -> Security -> Saved passwords: ctrl+w

Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks: ctrl+w
Tools -> Downloads: ctrl+w and escape
Tools -> Clear Recent History: escape

note: I set browser.preferences.instantApply to true on my system
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