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Update data files to Unicode 6.0


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The patch was prepared by the procedure described at (gfx/thebes/src/ignorable.x-ccmap isn't included in the patch because there were no changes to it)
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Asking approval2.0 in order to maintain our policy that releases always support the latest version of Unicode.

There are no code changes in the patch, only script-generated data tables and tests.
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This similarly updates the data tables used by the harfbuzz font back-end so that new scripts and characters in Unicode 6.0 will be handled appropriately (subject to font support, of course). No actual code changes; just added new script constants to the harfbuzz header, and regenerated the lookup tables using the tool at gfx/thebes/ based on the UCD 6.0.0 data files.
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Assigning to Jonathan for patch 2
Assignee: smontagu → jfkthame
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patch 2: update character property tables for harfbuzz to unicode 6.0

We should take this for 2.0 as part of ensuring that we support the current Unicode version. (The additional scripts aren't all that important as we don't have any specific behavior for them yet, but this will also ensure we have the correct behavior for new characters that have been assigned to existing scripts that we do process such as Arabic.)
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First patch was backed out and relanded in
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Pushed patch 2:
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