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7 years ago
After I update to a new nightly build of Fennec on my Samsung Vibrant, the default link handler setting is reset, so following a link causes my phone to prompt me to specify the application in which to open it, even though I previously specified that Fennec should be the default application for links.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. install a nightly build of Fennec;
2. follow a link (f.e. by activating a bookmark item on the home screen);
3. when your phone prompts you to choose an application in which to open the link, check the "Use by default for this action." checkbox and then select Fennec;
4. the next day, update to a new nightly build of Fennec;
5. follow the same link again.

Expected Results: the link opens in Fennec.

Actual Results: your phone prompts you to choose an application in which to open the link again.

Note: I've been seeing this ever since I started using Fennec a few weeks ago, although I wasn't sure the daily update was responsible.

So I did a test: after the last time the setting was reset, I didn't set Fennec as the default application again until Fennec notified me this morning that a new version was available.

After that, I set Fennec as the default application, tested to make sure that the setting was persistent (quitting Fennec and then following a link a couple times), updated Fennec, and then followed a link again.

And indeed, the setting was reset right after Fennec was updated.  So it's clearly the update that is causing the setting to be reset.
Same.  I run Nightly as my main browser on my phone, and it'd be great if this didn't break the default link handler when an update is applied.
Perhaps this is not possible though: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=17002

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6 years ago
I remember filing a bug about this. Bug 659030 Comment 4 blassey said he'd be happy to review a user submitted patch that fixes this.
Seems unlikely anyone will be able to submit a patch for it until the underlying Android problem is addressed.
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