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(URL) lists the IDN TLDs which have been delegated. As I write, the list has 19 entries. Our IDN TLD whitelist has 9 entries:

Therefore, there are 10 which have not been added. 

Bug 584989 is about Sri Lanka, and we have had contact from them. Someone needs to contact the remaining 9 registries and encourage them to apply, ideally in time to get the strings in for the release of Firefox 4. Note that this bug is about the contacting, not about the inclusion - a new bug should be opened for each.

Jothan: can you do this?


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8 years ago
Yes, I will do this.

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8 years ago
Five quick items as an update:

a] I've requested that the PSL and IDN lists are 'looped' in to the process, and requested that there could be a dialog open so we can validate the submitter.
Notice my comment there on the IDN fast track.

b] I will be in attendance at ICANN to meet with IDN TLD operators
I will be in attendance at the ICANN meeting in Cartagena, and will work to arrange face to face meetings with administrators.

c] I will be speaking on a panel at the ccNSO about policy enforcement in software (mostly focused on business rules in registries but it is an opportunity to direct people towards submitting their TLD and support info (if IDN) here

d} Here are the strings that we're missing, not in 'patch' form:
// xn--lgbbat1ad8j ("Algeria / Al Jazar" Arabic) : DZ

// xn--h2brj9c ("Bharat" Hindi/Devangari) : IN

// xn--mgbbh1a71e ("Bharat" Urdu/Arabic) : IN

// xn--fpcrj9c3d ("Bharat" Telugu) : IN

// xn--gecrj9c ("Bharat" Gujarati) : IN

// xn--s9brj9c ("Bharat"  Punjabi/Gurmukhi) : IN

// xn--xkc2dl3a5ee0h ("Bharat" Tamil) : IN

// xn--45brj9c ("Bharat" Bengali) : IN

// xn--3e0b707e ("Republic of Korea" Hangul) : KR

// xn--mgbc0a9azcg ("Morocco / al-Maghrib" Arabic) : MA

// xn--mgb9awbf ("Oman" Arabic) : OM

// xn--90a3ac ("srb" Cyrillic) : RS

// xn--ogbpf8fl ("Syria" Arabic [variant]) : SY

// xn--mgbtf8fl ("Syria" Arabic [variant]) : SY

e) Iran's IDN is listed underneath the ccTLD list for Iran's .IR and subs.  Do we want to list the IDN XN-- underneath the ccTLD if they share a common operator (sometimes it is the same entity, but it is often not the ccTLD operator of the two characters) or keep all the IDN in one spot?
Jothan: that's awesome :-) For the moment, I think we should keep all the IDNs in one spot, organized by country. 


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8 years ago
I presented at the ICANN meeting in Catagena to the global ccTLDs in attendance in the ccNSO on their Tech Day, what the IDN Whitelist is and isn't and how to submit.

I hope through this outreach that there will be larger participation within that community through that outreach.

Please, for now, make a patch from what I submitted, (and that may mean moving Iran's down into the rest, at your discretion)
Jothan: this bug seems to have got a bit stuck. The idea is that each registry needs to apply for inclusion itself. Have you had any success in contacting them and encouraging them to do so?

We have had bugs from Sri Lanka (although I closed that one for inactivity) and Egypt.


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7 years ago
Hi Gerv-

I think what we are seeing is as good as it gets, but I haven't stopped my outreach.

I have spoken to ICANN (although Tina Dam has transitioned out as the IDN Director, not sure on who is next on deck for that role) about including their requests for inclusion, as well as the process.

The largest challenge is that there is not a contact for each and every one of the administrators, other than what is supplied to ICANN in the application.  That is semi-opaque, because the public listings have no specific contact information, and the contact that they have it typically not the technical person that we need to speak with.

I have presented to the ccTLD Stakeholder Group during their tech day at the ICANN meeting in Cartagena.

I explained what each of the IDN Whitelist and the PSL were and the benefits of getting listed and maintaining their records in current form.

I think we saw a bump in requests following the Cartagena meeting, but we're still seeing low responses from the IDN ccTLDs themselves.

VeriSign also held an IDN workshop in Cartagena, and they had good participation from a number of ccTLDs, and I presented it there as well.  The person who now oversees the registry, Pat Kane (who you know), is a long time contributor to the IDN Program who has contributed his personal passion for the IDNs and has helped further the success and adoption of IDN domain names.

Ultimately, the new IDN ccTLDs (and upcoming gTLDs and IDN gTLDs) will need to be aware of the PSL and the IDN Whitelist for the browser, and those methods I mentioned are fairly focused and effective.

I think it's worth sending out an email to the ccNSO (which I will do this week) as a reminder.


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7 years ago
Syria (.sy and .xn--ogbpf8fl) is bug 632161.

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7 years ago
I rolled these into the patch in 658084
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