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Adapt to symbols upload changes for post-upload command in bug 607951 and friends


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Per bug 607951, it looks like we'll need to make only 2 changes (on all active branches):

1) 'export'ing the symbols index filename in our Makefile (so it's available to the environment and scripts)

2) setting the 'POST_SYMBOL_UPLOAD_CMD' env variable in all of our tinderconfigs.  We'll need to know the final path to the command that we should use.

In addition,

3) We'll need to ensure that the relevant changes to toolkit's land on 1.9.0 for Camino 2.0.x builds ;)

4) We'll probably want to port changes to the final upload command into the re-upload script generation:
Depends on: 607951
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This should do 1 and 4, the Makefile bits.
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And for the tinderconfigs, the path-value for the new env variable appears to be '/usr/local/bin/'

I'll upload the tinderconfig diffs (for sanity) later.
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Stuart, just looking for a sanity-check from you on these two patches; we really only care about cb-x1 (the one with no machine-name in the path) and cb-x4, but I've modified the other configs that had symbols info to keep them updated.
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CAMINO_2_0_BRANCH tinder-configs

(I've also made this change to the on-machine Cm2.0.5 tinder-config, so that when it gets copied and edited for 2.0.6, it will pick up this change without me forgetting.)
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Makefile changes

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1.9.2 tinder-configs

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Holding off on landing the tinder-configs until there's movement on bug 607951 and/or bug 607946 and/or branch movement on bug 607946.

I don't want to get us into a situation where has been updated on the branches to use the command but the command (or its no-op version) hasn't been installed on the symbols upload server and causes errors when doing symbol upload, which would be a situation where the otherwise no-op tinder-config changes became op.
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Now with less build failures due to missing ;s
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Now with less build failures due to missing ;s
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Bug 607946 is in on branches, and bug 609270 is also live (the no-op version), so I landed the tinder-config changes on both branches.

That means we're all ready whenever bug 607951 and bug 607961 happen to land.  It doesn't look like it'll happen while I'm gone, but I'll've definitely forgotten about this by the time I'm back.

We'll need to check tomorrow's nightlies' symbol uploads to make sure they went OK, though.
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(And I've updated my OS Symbols convenience scripts to fetch and export the symbol index filename and the post-upload command path, too:  As long as we keep cb-x1's 2.1 tinderconfig updated, I'll pull the right thing [and we can change it to cb-x4 if we need to, but x1 has a shorter path :P ])
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