Firefox loads numurus empty php pages from /tmp my present record is about 2000 new empty tabs




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When I start firefox and load a old season or load a bockmark whit a *.php extesion firefox start to load new tabs whit file:///tmp/*.php as adress and when finich loding one tab opens a new.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. criate a empty file in /tmp that ends whit .php
2. load the file file:///tmp/*.php
3. set the file to automatic open in firefox

Actual Results:  
whats wat expected

Expected Results:  
stopt asking what I whanted to do whit a .php file when opening sites that use php

Ok I have temporary fixed the problem by setting the file manager to automitic domwnload the .php file instad but somwhare thear is a problem in how .php files in handled.
The extension of a file doesn't matter for http servers.
It's only used as hint for the right content-type if you load a file from a local file system or ftp.

>Steps to Reproduce:
>1. criate a empty file in /tmp that ends whit .php

>Expected Results:  
>stopt asking what I whanted to do whit a .php file when opening sites that use

I don't understand your problem. Do you have problems with loading local files or with some sites via Http that have a URL with a php extension ?

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8 years ago
no the problem is that when opning a closed season or a bokmark that contain a http site that hase a .php extension firefox whil ask what I whont to do whit the .php file that is the site. I hade told firefox to open the file whit firefox whitch whas a mistace becors it started to oupen numeruas empty tabs instad becoers it dident stop loding the file.

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8 years ago
I know that it has been filed before, but I can't find it back. An older dupe is bug 325881, but there must have been more.

I think that it has to do with a file that uses the application/octet-stream (which is the default if a webserver does not recognize the file-extension), but it gets assigned to the browser by the user. But Firefox doesn't know how to handle that file either (it think it's a binary file), and somehow this keeps repeating. Maybe because it gets 'downloaded' again, and then FF decides to open it itself again.
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assigning a content-type that the application (Firefox) can't handle is bug 167320. The result is a loop. You get an additional problem if you load local files with the extension once you assigned the wrong content-type to the file extension.
Firefox will use the saved content-type for this file and you can't correct that with the broken helper application UI  because there is no way to remove entry no change the content-type.
That you get a prompt for downloading a file from a http server is the problem.

That is not new but I'm confused that you seem to get a download prompt from all servers with a .php extension.

Please post an example URL for such a http URL with a prompt.

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8 years ago
I dont get the the download promt when I load the url only when I load the site whit a bookmark or restoring a season. 

Its hapends two specific sites and I cant give you the url becorse the sites are lockt and recures login to see the php part
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not enough information
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