new section on Firefox Start for add-on first-run links

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8 years ago
Right now, one strategy add-ons use to offer some first-run experience (instructions, a welcome page, etc.) is to open a page in the browser on restart. If a user has installed a number of add-ons at once, there can be a number of these pages in many tabs.  Even if there's only one, this page can feel like it's in the way if the user really wants to see his or her start page.

We should create a section in the Firefox Start page that add-ons can hook into to provide a "tap here to get started with add-on-name" line in s standardized way.


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Madhava - I'm not sure what you want here. Just add a section which is not visible, but could be used by add-ons?

Why do we need to add anything? Add-ons can do this now.

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8 years ago
The idea, as with our add-ons options section, is to give people an easy way to do The Right Thing, rather than decide how to do it themselves.
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I have a couple devil's advocate questions:

- Do we know that something like this is a pain point for users? 

- In the case that users install just one add-on, wouldn't the newly opened page with instructions be useful? 

- Do we have any data suggesting that users install several add-ons at once? how common is this?

- What is the behavior for restartless with add-ons? They also just open a new page right?
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