Plugin Finder Service (PFS) doesn't offer any suitable plugins for DjVu



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7 years ago
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1. Load
2. Click "Install Missing Plugins..." in the notification bar.

Then, the wizard cannot find any suitable plugins for DjVu.

DjVu native support was marked WONTFIX in bug 241651. So, the image format needs a plugin always.

Note that the web site is an official web site of Hanshin Expressway. See

So, it's highly public web site for some people who are living in Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, it's an urban area of the second scale next to Kanto). But the DjVu (and the plugin) isn't major. So, most people aren't accessible to the contents (need to check the file formant and look for the plug-in). Therefore, we should offer plugins to the users even if it needs manual installing.

However, there are some plugins for this. I'm not sure what should be offered.

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7 years ago
Do we have any information on how much usage that website gets in Japan?  My thought is that most Internet users in Japan go to map sites for mapping, not to the expressway company's website that uses a very rare plugin.

Do we know what the global usage is of the DjVu plugin?
I'm not sure how much users are using the website, but it's hard to understand the network of the expressway from map because the network still hasn't been completed yet. Therefore, using map doesn't make sense for Hanshin expressway. Users also need to check the website.

# E.g., nobody can find a correct way from the Osaka port to the Osaka airport on map.

Unfortunately, I installed the plugin from here:

but Minefield doesn't detect it...
The PFS offers only the major plugins like flash, Java but not all the other plugins that exists.
The website itself can give a hint how to find the plugin if it's missing.

>but Minefield doesn't detect it...
The thirds party plugin installer installed the plugin in which location ?
It's possible that the installer copies the plugin only to the default location of Firefox but fails with a different location like the minefield directory.
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PFS is being retired, and there are no plans to support the installation of additional plugin types (due to history of stability, performance, and security problems plugins introduce). Websites using these plugins should provide their own install information when the plugin is missing or migrate to HTML-based solutions.
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