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Stuart wants to do 2.0.6 soon to get the fix for bug 541897 deployed, as well as to be able to re-prompt users to upgrade to Thursday's 0-day Flash fix.

He suggested we fight Flash update fatigue by adding an extra sentence to the message: "(Yes, we know you just did this, but it's already dangerous again)"
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8 years ago
... where the real text would probably be something like "The latest Flash release fixes a critical security vulnerability, so you should update Flash again if you have already done so recently."

We'd need to remember to take that back out after a week or two.
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10.6.5 and Security Update 2010-007 (supposedly) coming with should help reduce the number of people who see this and get Flash update fatigue.

Our current text:
For the best browsing experience, update Flash

You are running an out-of-date version of Flash Player, which may have security vulnerabilities or stability issues. Like all web browsers, Camino functions best when plug-ins such as Flash are up to date. We strongly recommend that you <a href="flash">update to the latest version of Flash</a>.

Would you add the new sentence at the end (or even as a new paragraph at the end), or do we want to rework the current text to include the new sentence somehow?
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8 years ago
New paragraph is probably least awkward.
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js+css changes

Like so (specifically the js)?  And then when we take it out after a week or so, we can just comment out this section but leave it in for future 0-days, which makes maintenance/re-activation fairly easy.

Question: should there be an "even" in the text, as in "so you should update Flash again even if you have done so recently"?

This is live on stage for anyone with access to an old Flash: http://www-stage.caminobrowser.org/welcome/

(I have not yet integrated the changes from bug 611121 to turn it yellow.)
Assignee: samuel.sidler → alqahira
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8 years ago
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js+css changes

>+      'so you should update Flash again if you have already done so recently.');

Yes, it definitely works better with an "even".

>+#flashwarning p#flash-extra {

#flash-extra {
is plenty; an id already specifies a single element, so there's no need to have more than that.
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I deployed this so that it's one less thing to worry/forget about during the release.

Someone please remind me to comment out the code for the extra sentence when I'm back in December.
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