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Jump to Page (tab) should force a Refresh... or have that option


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I have a mixed opinion on the "Jump to Page (tab)" option from the type-ahead in the address bar.  

It does help keep one's tabs from getting overly cluttered, but can cause a person to loose one's place.

What would be really handy would be an option to:

Jump To Page + Refresh.

So, if one is looking for an update on one's favorite BBS, one can jump to that page AND force a refresh.

Actually, I would think some of the browser behaviors would be setup as an option.

Type-ahead jump to page (enabled/disabled)
Refresh on jump to page (enabled/disabled).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Have one's favorite BBS page open in a tab, backgrounded
2. Start typing the name of the page.
3. Hit Tab Key & Return
4. Browser jumps to the backgrounded page/tab.
Actual Results:  
Browser jumps to backgrounded tab.  
Old data is displayed.
User must hit Ctrl-R to get page to refresh.

Expected Results:  
Browser would jump to backgrounded page.
Option to automatically refresh with new data.
Severity: normal → S3
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