Request to get privileges to set blocking flags on bugs in the Core::Editor component for Ehsan Akhgari




8 years ago
8 years ago


(Reporter: Ehsan, Assigned: reed)





8 years ago
I'm kind of the only one working on that component, and roc agrees that I should have the required privileges to set blocking flags on that component...  To state the obvious, my bugzilla user name is

We can't do component-level permission granting for the blocking flag. We can give you access to set the blocking2.0 flag in general, but it'll be Bugzilla-wide.

Also, need roc or some other driver (generally it's beltzner/damons/shaver/etc.) to approve this in the bug.

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8 years ago
roc, if you agree, can you please vouch for me here?
I approve, but I may not be high enough level for this. Beltzner, will you approve?
Yeah, it's fine. I would give Ehsan the usual spiel about how with the authority comes the responsibility (don't approve risky things, only block on real blockers), and the tacit understanding that product drivers are always willing to give a second opinion ... but he knows that already ;)
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8 years ago
Thanks!  I'll make sure to not misuse my new powers.  :-)
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