iCal uses illegal SCHEDULE-AGENT parameter in ORGANIZER in iMiP confirmation



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Our system, which uses ical4J as parser, just reported an error with an ical imip file we got. It is rather simple: You're using the parameter SCHEDULE-AGENT for the element ORGANIZER. ical4j doesn't like you because of that. 

And while I think it is just being bitchy, it is completely right from a standards viewpoint: RFC5545 does not allow this parameter. I went through the whole xBNF provided in the RFC and the only possibility would be that it is an IANA-registered token. And the list I found (http://www.iana.org/assignments/icalendar/icalendar.xhtml) does not contain it.

I'll provide a two-letter workaround for that: Prefix it with X- and you can still be friends with ical4j. Or use X-MOZ- like you use for element names. That is allowed by the RFC and ignored by ical4j.

P.S.: My condolences to the devs who do ical/imap. I'm the guy doing it at our company and I know: "Hell is other clients".

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7 years ago
SCHEDULE-AGENT seems to be part of CalDAV Scheduling Extensions to WebDAV RFC: 

Support was added with Bug 463392 by Simon.
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Correct. Although a draft, SCHEDULE-AGENT falls under the category IANA registered token. ical4j should be a bit more forgiving, taking the possibility of such drafts into account.
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