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7 years ago
This template is a good example:
If you have this template:
** item 1
## item 2
## item 3
It renders like that:
 . o item 1
1.1. item 2
  2. item 3


7 years ago
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You don't have a top level list, and the nested list format has changed from tiki. What you probably want is:

* something
** item 1
*# item 2
*# item 3


7 years ago
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Comment 2

7 years ago
In general, this template is used as follow in an article:
# list 1
* bullet 1
In order to render like that:
1. list 1
 . bullet 1
   o item 1
   A item 2
   B item 3
If there is a new syntax for list, it must be taken into account in migration script.
The template linked in comment 0 has the following syntax:

> text
> ** (nested ul > li > ul)
> ## (nested ol > li > ol)
> ## (nested ol > li > ol)

That's just not correct syntax. I'd say we could try to fix the migration but it's not nested correctly in the original, either.

So for the document in comment 0, we may just need to fix it by hand (fortunately there are only 4 versions, en-US, fr, de, and es).

As for supporting something where the template has the correct syntax, and you want to include

> * Item 1
> [[T:Nested List]]

I'm not entirely sure this is possible with the wiki renderer we have now, or at least not without more work than we have time for in 2.3.
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