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Master Password dialog causes Reminders dialog to be hidden behind main window.


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If a Master Password is used in Thunderbird, the Master Password dialog pops up every time Thunderbird is started.

The problem is that this causes the Reminders dialog to drop back behind the main Thunderbird window, which makes it far more likely that the user will not see the reminders. (Unless I spot the Reminders dialog on the Gnome taskbar, I have no way of knowing there are events which need my attention.)

Would it be possible to delay the appearance of the Reminders dialog until after the master password has been successfully supplied by the user? That way, the Reminders dialog will pop-up and be guaranteed to receive their attention.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Enable the master password in Thunderbird.
2. Launch Thunderbird after a time when there will be a reminder due to pop up.
Actual Results:  
The Master Password dialog is visible, but the Reminders dialog cannot be seen behind the main Thunderbird window.

Expected Results:  
The Reminders dialog should always gain the attention of the user, as anything else risks the reminders being missed.

Ideally, the Reminders dialog only ought to appear after the master password has been successfully supplied by the user.

Thunderbird built from source on the branch, with the option:

  ac_add_options --enable-calendar
Fix might be linked with fix.
I confirmed the behavior in Thunderbird 8.0 and Lightning 1.0 for 64-bit Linux, but this seems to be resolved in the latest nightly builds. Could you try that?

This is somewhat related to bug 433531.
do you also see 682474
Depends on: 682474
Component: Lightning Only → General
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