Test failure 'subject.isEngineNameInContextMenu == true' in testSearchSelection.js | testSearchSelectionViaContextMenu



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(Reporter: davehunt, Assigned: davehunt)


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MODULES: firefox/testSearch/testSearchSelection.js
TEST: testSearchSelectionViaContextMenu
ERROR: controller.assertJS: Failed for 'subject.isEngineNameInContextMenu == true'
BRANCH: default
Assignee: nobody → dave.hunt
Whiteboard: [mozmill-test-failure]
Exception message:

assert((function () {return eval(expression);}),"controller.assertJS: Failed for 'subject.isEngineNameInContextMenu == true'")@resource://mozmill/modules/utils.js:395 ("subject.isEngineNameInContextMenu == true",[object Object])@resource://mozmill/modules/controller.js:897 ([object Object],"Wikipedia (en)",true)@resource://mozmill/modules/frame.js -> file:///tmp/tmpz7G3eo.mozmill-tests/firefox/testSearch/testSearchSelection.js:117 ()@resource://mozmill/modules/frame.js -> file:///tmp/tmpz7G3eo.mozmill-tests/firefox/testSearch/testSearchSelection.js:82 ((function () {var engines = searchBar.visibleEngines;var engineName = engines[engines.length - 1].name;searchBar.selectedEngine = engineName;controller.open(LOCAL_TEST_PAGE);controller.waitForPageLoad();var textElem = new elementslib.ID(controller.tabs.activeTab, "mission_statement");startSearch(textElem, engineName, true);startSearch(textElem, engineName, false);}))@resource://mozmill/modules/frame.js:530 ([object Object])@resource://mozmill/modules/frame.js:598 ([object Object])@resource://mozmill/modules/frame.js:641 ("/tmp/tmpz7G3eo.mozmill-tests/firefox")@resource://mozmill/modules/frame.js:471 ("/tmp/tmpz7G3eo.mozmill-tests/firefox")@resource://mozmill/modules/frame.js:647 ((function (dir, invokedFromIDE) {var runner = new Runner(new Collector, invokedFromIDE);runner.runTestDirectory(dir);runner.end();return true;}),[object Proxy])@resource://jsbridge/modules/server.js:164 ("ce632ac2-f3f7-11df-b9dc-002500f4ec3d",(function (dir, invokedFromIDE) {var runner = new Runner(new Collector, invokedFromIDE);runner.runTestDirectory(dir);runner.end();return true;}),[object Proxy])@resource://jsbridge/modules/server.js:168 @:0 @resource://jsbridge/modules/server.js:249
Unable to reproduce this on Mac OS X 10.6.5. It's been failing the last few days on Mac OS X 10.6.4 http://mozmill-release.brasstacks.mozilla.com/#/general/failure?branch=4.0&platform=Mac&from=2010-11-12&to=2010-11-19&test=firefox%2FtestSearch%2FtestSearchSelection.js&func=testSearchSelectionViaContextMenu

The failure appears to be that the selected search engine is not displayed in the context-menu for highlighted text.

Whilst investigating I have discovered the following strange behaviour:

If I let Mozmill dump the search engine providers it lists:
* Google
* Yahoo
* Bing
* Amazon.com
* Wikipedia (en)
* eBay

If I check myself in the drop down list, Wikipedia and eBay are the other way around. Also, if I check whilst the test is running then the dumped values have the same difference.

This may be relevant as the test selects the last engine, which is eBay when the test runs locally, but reported as Wikipedia in the exception.
Do we know which engine fails here? I think we should give you the access to qa-mozmill and qa-horus for investigation. Should be easier to reproduce it on the box itself, if you can't do it locally.

But not sure why it happens. I could imagine the problem is the "(en)" in Wikipedia, if it's the last engine.
The engine that's failing on qa-horus is 'Wikipedia (en)' however when run locally it's using 'eBay' and passing.

I've also tried to replicate this on a local Mac OS X 10.6.4 without success. Access to qa-mozmill and qa-horus would be really useful, what do I need to get this?
So my question is, why is Horus using Wikipedia for an en-US build? Why the order is different. Dave, please modify your local test to also use wikipedia, just by using the 2nd last entry. I expect that it will fail at the final test with the same error.
Passes locally when forced to use Wikipedia (en) on both 10.6.5 and 10.6.4
Then you should get access to qa-horus. Talk with Geo about it.
Finally was able to replicate and narrow this down. Raised regression bug 614152.
Depends on: 614152
Good find Dave! Which tests have to be executed to see this behavior?
You need to run testPrivateBrowsing/testDisabledPermissions.js followed by testSearch/testSearchSelection.js
The failure has disappeared after the check-in of the patch on bug 614152.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Summary: Test failure in testSearchSelection.js | testSearchSelectionViaContextMenu → Test failure 'subject.isEngineNameInContextMenu == true' in testSearchSelection.js | testSearchSelectionViaContextMenu
Product: Mozilla QA → Mozilla QA Graveyard
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