Unable to play online divx streaming video online at all after upgrading to firefox 3.6.12




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After upgrading to firefox 3.6.12, no online streaming divx videos will play.  Once I hit the start button, the entire video screen area just goes white - no video, no sound, no controls, just white screen where the video ought to be.  The rest of the webpage stays normal, its just the divx screen that disappears.  I checked my divx temp file also, and the video's aren't downloading either.  My divx player version is 7.2 build 10_0_0_184.  In the add-on's, its showing divx web player  I'll update and see what happens, but you should know that firefox 3.6.12 is not working with relatively current versions of divx web player.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to any site with a streaming video that is divx
2. Hit the play/start button
Actual Results:  
the visible divx screen completely disappears, goes white.  Video does not play, and does not download into the temp folder either.

Expected Results:  
Streaming divx video should play normally.

I'm using the default theme.  I haven't had any major problems with divx before upgrading to firefox 3.6.12.
Please attach, using the "add an attachment" link above, a list of installed plugins that you can get from about:plugins. Enter about:plugins as URL, copy and paste it to a text file ...

Please try http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Safe+Mode to be sure that this isn't caused by a broken addon.
Created attachment 492272 [details]
about:plugins from the reporter
a part from the email of the reporter:
>I then uninstalled divx again, and installed an older version, 1.4 (the newer is 
>7).  Now I can play divx again.  This is a little odd, however, as you'll see, 
>because the plug in shows "File: DivXBrowserPlugin.plugin Version: 1.4 DivX Web 
>Player version"  1.4 is the older version that works, but is 
>what was shown with the newer version, 7, that did not work.

Look at your about:plugins list.

>DivX Web Player
>video/divx 	DivX Video File 	divx,div 	Yes

>VLC Multimedia Plug-in
>video/divx 	DivX video 	divx 	Yes

You have 2 different Plugins that handle the same content-type (video/divx).
Which one is chosen is "random". It's possible that with the installing of a new divx version Firefox will select the VLC Plugin to play the video/divx content. The VLC plugin itself may fail to play this divx video.

Can you please install the new divx version and disable the VLC Plugin in tools/addons/Plugins followed by a firefox restart ?
Version: unspecified → 3.6 Branch
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