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Store the nodeName on the nodeinfo for DOM elements


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nodeName for elements is the qualified name except in an HTML document for HTML elements, for which it's the uppercased qualified name.

There's no reason I see to uppercase (and copy, etc) on every single nodeName get (of which jquery seems to do lots).  Why not just store the relevant string in the nodeinfo?
In general, it seems like we should move things like tagName, nodeName, etc to nodeinfo, have it cache whatever info it needs, and make those all non-virtual.  The memory increase from adding some members to nodeinfos should be pretty minor, I'd hope.....
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Need to be just a bit careful when adopting element from HTML document
to non-HTML-document and vise versa.
Adopting creates gets new nodeinfo from the new nodeinfo manager, no?
Yeah. But wanted to just remind that caches shouldn't be copied.
Right; nodeinfo initialization should look exactly like it does now in terms of its public api.
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Fwiw, webkit's equivalent of nodeinfo has localName, localNameUpper, namespace, prefix.
Time on this goes from 230ms to 100ms.  Of course Chrome and Safari are at 40ms... ;)
after your patch, where are we spending most of the time?
11% mjit-generated code.
24% the slow path mjit takes for getter-backed property gets due to bug 557358
 9% self time in the nsIDOMNode_GetNodeName quickstub
18% converting the XPCOM string return value to a jsval
24% getting the nsIDOMNode* out of the given JSObject
 5% Atomic increment on the return value string in nsGenericElement::GetNodeName
 3% nsAString_internal::Assign in GetNodeName

plus some long-tail bits.  So if we had a custom quickstub for this that just took the return value and jsvalified it, this could be a lot faster.  But doing that involves putting GetNodeName on the nodeinfo, and in particular knowing what the nodeinfo is for (because the algorithm is different for elements, cdata sections, documents, etc).

Or we could just push this up to nsINode, I guess....
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part 2.  Cache the qualified name, in normal and corrected case, on the nsINodeInfo.

Review of attachment 530070 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: content/base/src/nsNodeInfo.cpp
@@ +125,5 @@
+  if (aPrefix) {
+    aPrefix->ToString(mQualifiedName);
+    mQualifiedName.Append(PRUnichar(':'));
+  }
+  mQualifiedName.Append(nsDependentAtomString(mInner.mName));

Actually, it might be worth having a separate codepath for the no-prefix case which uses an nsAtomString. That way the string at the atom can share buffer and no allocation will happen.

@@ +127,5 @@
+    mQualifiedName.Append(PRUnichar(':'));
+  }
+  mQualifiedName.Append(nsDependentAtomString(mInner.mName));
+  // Qualified name in corrected cas

Attachment #530070 - Flags: review?(jonas) → review+
> Actually, it might be worth having a separate codepath for the no-prefix case
> which uses an nsAtomString. That way the string at the atom can share buffer
> and no allocation will happen.

But that trades off time in nodeinfo creation (rare, I hope) for time on every qualified name get, right?  And the space savings would be order of the atomized string, which is pretty small, since we don't have _that_ many nodeinfos.  I can do that if you want, but I'm not sure it's really desirable.

> case

Fixed locally.
Comment on attachment 530071 [details] [diff] [review]
part 3.  deCOM qualified name getters a bit.

Review of attachment 530071 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: content/base/src/nsGenericElement.cpp
@@ +5202,5 @@
   PRInt32 indent;
   for (indent = aIndent; --indent >= 0; ) fputs("  ", out);
+  nsAutoString buf(mNodeInfo->QualifiedName());

Use a nsString& instead?
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part 4.  Eliminate nsINodeInfo::GetLocalName in favor of GetName.

Review of attachment 530072 [details] [diff] [review]:

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Comment on attachment 530073 [details] [diff] [review]
part 5.  Inline the cheap Equals() methods on nsINodeInfo.

Review of attachment 530073 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: content/base/public/nsINodeInfo.h
@@ +274,5 @@
+  {
+    return mInner.mName->Equals(aName) && mInner.mNamespaceID == aNamespaceID &&
+      (mInner.mPrefix ? mInner.mPrefix->Equals(aPrefix) : aPrefix.IsEmpty());
+  }

Are all of these really used?
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> Use a nsString& instead?


> fahrvergnügen

Google translate fail (though I get the general idea, given r+ and no other comments!)
> Are all of these really used?

I didn't check.  dxr is broken as usual, searching for it via mxr is a pain, and compiling to test takes a while.  I can look into it if you really want.
> Actually, it might be worth having a separate codepath for the no-prefix case

Jonas explained this on irc.  I'll do this:

  if (aPrefix) {
  } else {
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