IndexedDB prompts should ask the user a question




8 years ago
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This is a follow up bug from bug 591516 and bug 601155.

Currently both prompts provide a direct statement:

"This website (location) is asking to store data on your computer for offline use."


"This website (location) is attempting to store more than %2$S MB of data on your
computer for offline use."

Both of these should be reworded to ask the user a question:

"Would you like to allow %1$S to store data for offline use?"

"Would you like to allow %1$S to store a potentially unlimited amount of data for offline use?"
Would you consider this a change in the semantics? If so, add [strings]?

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8 years ago
this will likely be post Firefox 4 since it isn't a big deal, just wanted to get it one file so we can clean it up later.
Okay, that works too. Thanks for the clarification.
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