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currently adding a tree is managed by doing two things:

1. ./ treename /path/to/tree prettyname
2. do work to munge crontab with update script calls

on konigsberg, I rarely do step 2 (which means my trees suck).

ignore the case where people forget to update crontab, you rarely know how expensive a tree is, which means people have to spend time tuning it.

when you get things wrong, you can have tree updates stepping on eachother and bogging the system down.

This bug is a placeholder for me to try to write a cron friendly script which can ideally autotune, handle backoffs, and support a local control file instead of requiring crontab magic.

I haven't decided exactly how I'd like this to work, I think at the very least i'll need the script to maintain a "table" of how long it takes to do an update of: source, search, ident, along with how much churn it gets when it does this. Plus support for minimums and some sort of priority order for trees.

I am soliciting input from people who run mxr's, so if they have some ideas about what they'd want, i'd be glad to hear them. Along w/ a current dump of the crontab if that's possible, since it can also provide food for thought.

I'll upload mine at some point.
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