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spell tests/ and docs/ according to CommonJS rules (i.e. test/ and doc/)


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One additional thing to implement in our CommonJS-handling code is the
correct spelling of directory names (the specs in This
says that tests should be in test/*.js and docs should be in doc/* (whereas
our current scheme uses plural names: tests/*.js and docs/*).

Obviously we should continue to support existing addons which put them in the
old places. So the task is to look for tests and docs under both names, and
to udpate the "cfx init" skeleton (and the sample addons) to use the correct
(singular) directory names.
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I'll take this on, as it's an easy fix and not having it in-place means we have to put annoying caveats in wbamberg's docs for bug 613579. :)
Assignee: nobody → avarma
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Hmm, it might be easier to split this into two bugs, one for 'test' support and another for 'doc' support. Adding 'test' support was easy, but adding 'doc' support will be harder because the 'docs' directory is hard-coded in a number of different places in the code, and not handled at all the way the 'test' code is.

This is really my fault, as the addition of the 'docs' directory was done as a quick hack on my part over a year ago. :(
Depends on: 646280
Depends on: 646293
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Ok, I just split the ticket into two parts, and hopefully we'll resolve the 'test/tests' directory one soon.
Priority: -- → P1
Target Milestone: --- → 1.0b5
Brian has expressed a willingness to take this on, so assigning this to him.
Assignee: avarma → warner-bugzilla
Oops, looks like we forgot a tiny piece of bug 646280: the "cfx init" command ought to use the correct spelling too, instead of encouraging developers to use the old spelling.
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"cfx init" patch landed in

Still working on the docs/ side.
Docs are done.
Closed: 11 years ago
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