New Data Collection: Session quit and restore previous session

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7 years ago
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(Reporter: Jono Xia, Assigned: Jono Xia)



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7 years ago
Requester: Paul O'Shannessy

Paul wants to find out:

> * how often "Restore Previous Session" is used when it's available
> There's a new menu entry (as of beta 7) that allows you to restore your 
> previous session even if you didn't say you wanted it when quitting. The plan 
> is to get rid of the quit dialog so this would in theory start getting more 
> use.
> * time spent before switching tab groups
> * time between closing windows when quitting (windows/linux)
>    - since closing the last window quits, it would be good to know if people are rapidly closing all windows to quit, or setting up a meaningful last window (since that's all that would be restored)
> * Are there often windows left open after browser windows? (view source, addons' windows)
>    - Are these usually closed right away? (indicating it might be best to close those with the last browser window)

The use of the new "restore previous session" button would have been captured by the beta interface study, but it's from beta 7 which went out after the study was completed.  We could capture that data with a re-run of the beta interface study.  The other ones would require new instrumentation.

(See also bug  which is for similar stuff but based on data we already have.)


7 years ago
Whiteboard: new data collection
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