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I got this problem for 2 years.. I still use Firefox/, only for this reason.. when i update to 3 or higher and I search google images for lets say "King Kong ".. the thumbs show up blank with little read cross in corner, and i can read in bottom bar that it is loading gstatic1 or gstatic2 or gstatic3 ( this is different each search)After a while the thumbs show and keep doing this for a while when looking next result pages..but mostly after 4 - 5 pages again it starts acting like described above... when go back to Firefox/ the problem is gone..all thumbs show up at once after hitting search button and no problem with the gstatic stuff... I read a lot of solutions in forums and blogs.. I tried almost each of them, but it just don't work.... I checked plenty of times for mallware, virusses spyware..etc..etc..  I deleted firefox completely..with all subfolders  using Your uninstaller.... I don't know what else i can do ... Can someone help me please ???

Regards: Erich Mestriner

Reproducible: Always
Please create a new Firefox profile and test it with FF3.5 or later.

Do you use a third party firewall and Anti-Virus products you have installed ?

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8 years ago
I have installed avira virus software and use the windows firewall... but trust me.. I uninstalled also the virus software/closed down the firewall... but for some reason I can't get firefox 3 or higher to work perfect.. I also tried with changing profiles creating new profiles... uninstalled firefox completely.. nothing seems to work

Thnx: for the fast repley 

Regards : Erich
There is nothing we can do if you already tried everything and i would mark this bug worksforme.
Lets us ignore that and let me start from the beginning.

Create a new profile and look in tools/addons/extensions if there are any extensions in the new profile. This can happen if you have software installed that installed global extensions in your windows system.

What is your connection speed ?
Do you have packet loss issues ?
Do you use some kind of proxy ?

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8 years ago
Ok created a new profile in firefox 2.0 

there is one addon  java quickstarter 1.0

my connection speed = 100,0 Mbps

I don't use a proxy 

I don't know what packetloss is
100mbit is very unlikely unless you are in a company environment. That is most likely the connection speed between your system and your router.
Can I assume that you are not connected via dial-up modem or UMTS ?

For further tests you should install Firefox 4 beta 7. That will install in a different location and you can still use FF2.x. Note: You have to close for example FF4b7 first before you can open FF2 again.

Confirm that you see the problem with FF4b7.
In that case enter "about:config" as URL in FF4 without the quotes, confirm the warning, right click in an empty space, select new,boolean and use "network.dns.disablePrefetch" for the name and set it to "true" for the value.
(without the "")

Now test again.

Open "about:config" again, enter "pers" in the top filter bar and change network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server to 3 (from 6) as next step.

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8 years ago
Wowww  I have to tell you it works like a charm ..
I will keep you up to date if the same trouble starting again :)

thnx for the help...

Regards: Erich

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8 years ago

Sorry to tell you.. after a while firefox 4 beta also started acting the same..

I am back on firefox 2.0  again.. works best for me with no problems..only con is.. that sites like myspace and / or Youtube / etc..etc..  keep telling me that my browser is out of date...
Firefox2.x isn't maintained anymore and it contains known security holes.


8 years ago
Version: unspecified → Trunk

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7 years ago
Reporter -> Are you still experiencing this issue with the latest version of Firefox 5?

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7 years ago

I dont even dare . to download the latest version...

2.x works perfect for me...
This is wfm with FF5.0 on win7/32
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

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7 years ago
Just to reiterate what Matti said in comment 8...Firefox 2 is NOT supported and has KNOWN SECURITY HOLES. Please considering upgrading. We are both willing to try and resolve your issue, but you need to be on a current version.

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7 years ago

I installed it, and till now all seems to work perfect...

I keep in touch with you, if problems start again

regards: Erich Mestriner

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7 years ago

Started again:

Blanc thumbnails wnehn  searching google images... page one has all pics,, but page 2 and all the others non... if i refresh, firefox keeps connecting to google for minutes... i cant even go back to the web pages when clicking on the tab...

when i close firefox and restating it... it keeps connecting to for minutes... 

have to ( ctrl - alt - delete ) several times still it works...

so now for me its finished..I stay with 2.0
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