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Two tabs showing in Panorama while one appearing on tab bar


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Windows 7


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Close button appears when I have only one tab, and the button that open a tab don´t work correctly, it depends on the position of the cursor.
But when I click on Panorama button it displays two tabs: current one and another one which I closed sometime before.
When I click on tab to close in Panorama, it closed whole browser, like there was only one tab instead of two.

Both tabs were in same group in Panorama.

This happens randomly.

Reproducible: Couldn't Reproduce
Happened to me too, only 1 tab was shown in the the tab bar, but 2 in the panorama group.
This is worrisome, but without steps to reproduce, I am not sure we can do much with this. If we can get a reliable STR, I think this should block. 

Until then, keeping this around for ff4.0
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I'm unable to reproduce this, and there's no STR. It's also possible that recent work has made this much less likely, if not impossible.

Oskar, have you still seen this in more recent builds?
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Yep, I'm still seeing it. But still no STR...
I had few (4-5) tabs opened, and somehow I couldn't close one tab. (blank page)
When I got into Panorama, the blank page was actually a previous closed tab, which I couldn't even close in Panorama.
So only option was to exit Firefox.
This happened today, and last time it happened was the date I reported bug.
Btw. I'm not using Panorama.
We're going to need a concrete STR or perhaps a video to really try to reproduce this.

Oskar, does this happen on a clean profile for you?
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Sorry for late reply.
Even with new profile - it didn't happen.
Great. Thanks for letting us know.
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