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SVG text white space handling incorrect


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Sometimes white space characters are rendered in SVG text when they shouldn't be.  This seems to be when white space occurs at the end of a text node, the text node has a following element sibling, yet the white space is at the end of the whole run of text, and so should be trimmed.

This makes Firefox fail
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Should this bug block bug 512501? (or, if this testcase is new in SVG 1.1F2, perhaps we need a new tracking bug for issues in the SVG 1.1F2 testsuite?)
The test isn't very new, but it might well be the case that it hasn't been in a published version of the test suite before.

Is it worth tracking 1.1F2 test suite bugs separately?  I think the new test suite release (which will be soon) is effectively an iteration on the previous one, so we should always be looking at the most recent release.

I will have a more up-to-date list of which tests from the to-be-released test suite are failing after today.
Ok - it sounds like it's reasonable to use bug 512501 to track issues with tests in 1.1F2's test suite, then. Marking as blocking that bug.
Blocks: svg11tests
This seems tightly releted with bug 503075 (might even be a duplicate, although I haven't dig down to the details).
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It's unrelated to bug 503075 despite looking so at first glance.
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Actually ought to implement a HasText method for speed.
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Does this work for the case like <tspan>ABC <!--text node boundary--> </tspan> where there is a trailing text node containing only whitespace? It seems to me that if whitespace changes from preserve to trim-trailing, the call to next->GetNumberOfChars() when 'next' is the second text node will return 1 because the correct whitespace-handling flag has not been set yet.

It seems to me you'll have to iterate backwards from the last text node somewhow.
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updated patch

+    if (NS_IsAsciiWhitespace(str[i]))
+      continue;
+    return PR_FALSE;

if (!...)
  return PR_FALSE;
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hg changeset patch

Addressed review comments.

This fixes one of the SVG testsuite tests and includes a reftest.
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