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Cache recommended add-ons list for Start page to improve responsiveness


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Loading the recommended add-ons can hurt UI responsiveness. Because the add-on query uses SSL we initialize all of NSS, which is slow. By caching the list and updating it a appropriate times, we can improve UI responsiveness at startup.
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tracking-fennec: ? → 2.0b4+
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also.  maybe a follow up.  we can use ask webdev to look into the possibility of serving recommendations over http.
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>     var RecommendedSearchResults = {

We can rename this RecommendedAddons

>+      readFile: function(aFile) {
>+        try {
>+      },

indent problems

>+      fillInAddons: function(aAddons, aAddonCount, aTotalResults) {

fillInAddons -> loadAddons

>         let loading = document.getElementById("loadingAddons");
>-        loading.parentNode.removeChild(loading);
>+        if (loading)
>+          loading.parentNode.removeChild(loading);
>+        list.innerHTML = "";

I think | list.innerHTML = "" | will remove the "loading" stuff for us

>diff --git a/components/AddonUpdateService.js b/components/AddonUpdateService.js

>+var RecommendedSearchResults = {

indent problems

I can tweak and land. I do think we can reduce the delay time from 10 seconds, but we'll land it first and see what issues we have.
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pushed with tweaks:
Closed: 9 years ago
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Mark, do we have a test to check the caching?   Also, will ask waverley to verify this when they are running the performance startup tests against beta 3  (assuming this landed in time for beta 3)
Flags: in-testsuite?
 This didn't land for beta 3
Can you provide some steps to reproduce, please?
(In reply to Brad Lassey [:blassey](On vacation 8/22-9/20) from comment #6)
>  This didn't land for beta 3

Have it landed since FF 4 beta 3? Running a performance startup test will it be enough to verify this bug?
Looking for "recommended-addons.json" in your profile folder will be a good indicator too.
(In reply to Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) from comment #9)
> Looking for "recommended-addons.json" in your profile folder will be a good
> indicator too.

It seems that "recommended-addons.json" is present in my profile folder on the latest Nightly build. I'll mark this bug as verified fixed.

Mozilla/5.0 (Android;Linux armv7l;rv:9.0a1)Gecko/20110911
Firefox/9.0a1 Fennec/9.0a1
Device: Motorola Droid 2
OS: Android 2.3
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