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We're going to give out t-shirt to our top tweeters and need a fun design for the shirt. Leaning towards a design that is a uniform but not too heavy on the military theme. However, it makes it clear that the person wearing the shirt is Awesome.

Timing: Would like to have the t-shirts printed by end of January so the design should be final by end of December or first week of January.

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7 years ago
Thanks William. I'm assigning this to reco is that you guys connect on this after the upcoming work week.
Assignee: jslater → ltom

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7 years ago
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Army of Awesome shirts 01

As promised, here are some (many) different iterations and colorways of the Army of Awesome military shirts! Please pass around to relevant parties for feedback, and let me know what you think. Once we narrow shirt color down and version you like, I'll tweak the design for production.

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7 years ago
Cool! I like the green ones best for sure. No super strong opinions on the different design variations just yet. My only thought is that we need to make sure that the Firefox presence is felt...I know it's on the sleeve, but that may not be enough. What goes on the back?

Copying Sean & Tara in case they want to weigh in on these t-shirt concepts.

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7 years ago
I figured this would come up. Everything is pretty bare-bones, trying to stay true to the genericism of a government issue design (

I think green colored shirts help suggest this too. The blue shirts are a nod to the Twitter palette, since this is based on tweet response. The black shirts are generally a safe, neutral color obviously.

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7 years ago
These are pretty cool Lee.  You rock.
I definitely don't like the black... am torn between the blue and the green.  The design definitely feels stronger on the green... so, assuming that we wanted an "army" style shirt... green wins.  Otherwise, when I see these.. I don't think "Firefox".  I think "army".  

Favorite design is definitely the one with the thick circle and star in the center, white on green:  Green D.  

You could potentially include another ring around the circle on the front and incorporate "Firefox" within that.  Or, as Slater mentioned, put it on the back.

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7 years ago
Very nice Lee! Love the bare-bones feel and the use of the star graphic. I'm favoring the Blue/Green D variations and also Blue F. While the green certainly feels more "army", the blue reminds me of Twitter and the new palette. Hard to decide.

(In reply to comment #3)
> My only thought is that we need to make
> sure that the Firefox presence is felt...I know it's on the sleeve, but that
> may not be enough. What goes on the back?

Agreed it could use more Firefox presence in addition to the sleeve. Adding this to the back of the shirt might work well. We don't have anything on the back right now.

Alternatively, Jane suggested using the back to connect the shirt with Twitter. Maybe something like "I tweet for Firefox"? Or the URL for our Firefox Twitter account,

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7 years ago
I think the back of the shirt would be a good place to bring the Firefox mark into the mix, coupled with the URL or slogan. If it's not too much of a stretch, maybe we can do a play on a common army slogan like,

"Tweet all you can tweet"  (Be all you can be) 
or if that's goofy, I think the URL will look fine :)

As far as shirt color goes, I think the green shirts help support the Army vibe better than the blue. But let me know if you develop a strong preference either way.

Comment 8

7 years ago
+1 to green after asking people for their opinions. I think we'll go with that.

As for the back, I'd say the Firefox mark with a URL or slogan would be good. Lee, could you show a couple variations? 

A few ideas:
- "I tweet for Firefox"
- "Tweet all you can tweet"
- ""
- ""

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7 years ago
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Army of Awesome shirts 02

Hi guys,
Here are 4 versions of back graphics based on Comment 8 (in that order too.)
Green shirts, white ink, FF mark on back with slogan/URL

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7 years ago
After talking with Jane about it, we're going to go with 2a ("I tweet for Firefox") unless others have different thoughts.

Lee, could you package it up into a nice psd for the t-shirt printers? Thanks!

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7 years ago
No problem, William. Final art is here:

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7 years ago
Hey guys, can we close this or are we looking to revive this in the near future?   Trying to squish old/inactive bugs.

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7 years ago
guys, I'm going to close this.  We can reopen if needed.  Thanks!
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