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8 years ago
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8 years ago
The search-window of SM1.x and SM2.0.x used to have a checkbox to disable wrapping around after the search has reached the end of a document. Now that there is no message-box but just a text which occurs for one hit only in the searchbar when reaching the end of a document and disappears afterwards, it's even more important to be able to disable this behaviour. 

Also consider when bringing it back, if possible.


8 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 618498

Comment 2

5 years ago
Agree: disabling the control option was definitely a regression.

Actually I don't often care if the end of page reached by search 'cursor'. But I do care if my search results are repeated and I am looking at the results I was checked before (maybe starting from the middle of page, not from the top). So wrapping could trigger not on the page top but on the search start position.

FAYT should then use this option state as it uses case sensitivity state. And there should be an about:config variable to switch the wrap-around option (more related to bug #505196).

Comment 3

5 years ago
I thought that my firefox was working as desired - not wrapping find in page after the last occurrence, plus a message on the find bar something like "reached end of page, no more occurrences". Last week I needed to use the "Reset Firefox" feature for some problem, and of course since then I have needed to change some of my preferences to get back to the configuration I had before, and thought this would be just one more to find and change.  I cannot find such an option, and now looking online it looks like the option to disable wrap in Find was taken away some time ago.  So, I'm not sure why my no-wrap was actually still working recently (v21), and I am unhappy that I cannot find a way to get it not to wrap.
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