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Delete item in Edit menu says "Delete Message" when you're not


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Build ID: new trunk

Steps to Reproduce:

(1) Open Mail/News
(2) Switch to the Search tab in the Sidebar
(3) Type something in the Search field
(4) Highlight the text you typed
(5) Open the Edit menu

Result: note that the Delete item still says `Delete Message' even though, when 
clicked, it just (correctly) deletes the text you highlighted.  Just need to 
check what's focused in the creation of the Edit menu and act accordingly...
QA Contact: esther → nbaca
I heard exciting rumors that the sidebar was being removed from mail/news
altogether. If so, we don't need to worry about this ...
This should really be fixed anyways, since there inevitably will be a case when 
a message won't be selected...
I haven't heard any rumors about the sidebar being removed!  I don't have a 
build running currently, but we should make sure this works for the cases where 
there isn't a sidebar. I thought we had it working but apparently not.

reassigning to sspitzer.
Assignee: putterman → sspitzer
the sidebar in Mail isn't going away...perhaps you are thinking of sidebar bugs
concerning editor and message compose?

How, and where would we check what's selected and then change the "Delete" text?
Probably the best approach is to default the item to `Delete', and then make it 
change to `Delete Account', `Delete Folder', `Delete Folders', or whatever 
depending on the current selection and the focused item.
The Edit/Delete menuitem label is set by the command update controller, see my
patch to bug 82056. The label for folders is only set when the focus is on the
folder pane, otherwise the label is set for a message. In theory it should be
possible to add a controller to the search input to reset the label to default.
While the sidebar is indeed gone from Mail/News, it is still possible to get an 
incorrect menu item:  Enter text in the QuickSearch field, select it, and open 
the Edit menu.  Menu item says "Delete message" (even if no message is current), 
but selecting the item deletes the text from the field.

I'm pretty sure I've encountered this same thing before, so I suspect there's a 
dupe of this bug out there -- or maybe a similar bug in the Browser.
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New approach - reset the label when opening the menu; the global command
updater then updates the label to delete message unless the focus is in an
input field.
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Whoops, checked this in 4 days ago...
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Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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