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Specifying an invalid test-path no longer complains about no tests to run, instead just does nothing


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(Reporter: mossop, Assigned: jmaher)


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If you give a test-path that doesn't include any tests (f.e. if you typo a test name) then clicking run tests switches to the browser window and then nothing happens. The error console displays:

Error: linkArray is undefined
Source File: chrome://mochikit/content/server.js
Line: 555
simple fix to display an no tests found when specifying a --test-path for browser-chrome.  This fix also will work for mochitest and mochitest-chrome since they use the same functions.
Assignee: nobody → jmaher
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this is passing on try server.
I updated the patch to current trunk and made a minor tweak. Joel, do you want to land this or shall I?
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Attachment #498754 - Flags: review?
I can land this tomorrow morning on m-c, but feel free to land this earlier if you have other patches landing.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I just had this very issue (linkArray is undefined) because I hadn't updated the and ran make -C dom/tests/mochitest/chrome to make sure the test file was copied in my objdir. My copy of m-c is fresh from a couple days ago. Should I file a new bug or reopen this one?
Component: BrowserTest → Mochitest
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