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add WebGL info to about:support


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Not set





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It's a bit roundabout, since I want it to go through the same creation dance that WebGL contexts normally go through.
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add webgl renderer info to about:support

I'd rather we not have two copies of GetWebGLParameter
Yeah, me too, though the way to avoid that was going to be to introduce GfxInfoBase.cpp in xpwidgets, which means that every gfxinfo method has to be declared manually in the child gfxinfo classes.  Kind of ugly.

Maybe a GfxInfoWebGLParameterImpl.cpp that can be #included?
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Updated, with more shared code and a string bundle (needs late-l10n I guess?)
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Should this always display something? I'm using the latest trunk nightly on Linux and all I see in the Graphics section is:


GPU Accelerated Windows 0/1"

WebGL is working, as verified by running a few demos.
This is not yet implemented on X11; will be in Firefox 5.
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