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non-directional filter primitive attributes with percentage values are not resolved correctly


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(3 files, 1 obsolete file) currently fails due to some strange colors near the edge of the displaced image.
I can't see it. Can you describe in more detail. Maybe with a screenshot with the differences circled?
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This might be a Mac only issue -- I haven't tried others yet.
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Does this fix it? It seems the right thing to do according to

I don't know how to write a test for this.
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It's a bit weird that 'scale' is described as a number in some places but is treated in the primitiveUnits coordinate system, so it's really a length. The spec could use some cleanup there.
Cameron, do you think you'll get a chance to check this patch out soon?
I will do so as soon as I return from my travels; ping me again if I don't respond before November 9.
It's November 10th now :-)
Sorry for the delay.  I took a look at the patch, and I think we want this fix, but it doesn't fix the problem for this particular bug (the strange aqua colours at the left edge of the gradient in the top subtest).  I'll attach a test for the scale="" coordinate space conversion problem that this patch fixes.

BTW, does this also affect some lighting filter primitives?  It looks like they might also have been using this function.
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We want this patch, but it doesn't fix this bug.
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Probably best to clone this bug and make the clone be about the original issue and then rename this one to what it fixes and land the patches. Can you do that Cameron please?
Blocks: 716347
Summary: feDisplacementMap test shows unexpected colors → non-directional filter primitive attributes with percentage values are not resolved correctly
Assignee: nobody → longsonr
test as a patch
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Thanks Cameron and my apologies for muddying up this bug.
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