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Assume infallible NS_NewListControlFrame in nsCSSFrameConstructor::ConstructSelectFrame


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3037 nsCSSFrameConstructor::ConstructSelectFrame(nsFrameConstructorState& aState,

this can fail:
3154       nsIFrame* listFrame = NS_NewListControlFrame(mPresShell, styleContext);

handled here:
3155       if (listFrame) {

passed carelessly here:
3168       InitializeSelectFrame(aState, listFrame, scrolledFrame, content,

3185 nsCSSFrameConstructor::InitializeSelectFrame(nsFrameConstructorState& aState,
3186                                              nsIFrame*                scrollFrame,

crashes here:
3205   scrollFrame->Init(aContent, geometricParent, nsnull);
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Failing to destroy listFrame properly could turn this from the safe null-dereference crash that it is now into something worse.  If we really want to handle OOM here, I think we need proper calls to destruction of partially-created frames.  I'm not sure what the state of the art is there, though, since it's changed a bit recently.

That said, I think we should just make stuff like this infallible.
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> this can fail:

If it can, that's a bug.  That should be an infallible allocation, imo.
Severity: critical → enhancement
Keywords: crash
Summary: [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::InitializeSelectFrame | nsCSSFrameConstructor::ConstructSelectFrame] when NS_NewListControlFrame fails → Assume infallible NS_NewListControlFrame in nsCSSFrameConstructor::ConstructSelectFrame
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This is still a ways from being infallible; the pres arena is not infallible, though it probably should be.
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